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LILY Floris Mask (Moisture, Brightening and Nourishing) – features the vitality and energy of Lily Extract to brighten up dull skin and provide full hydration and nourishment to the skin. Nutrition rich, with minerals in lily that supplies energy to brighten and produce a healthy skin tone. Provides natural skin moisturizing factors, with hyaluronic acid, in the mask essence that thoroughly fills in skin with deep hydration. Main Ingredient Lily has a strong vital energy that allows the plant to stand in harsh weather from summer to winter. Lily has been medicinally used for its calming effects and immunity boosting abilities. Rich in protein and minerals, lily supplies necessary nutrition for the skin and softens dead skin cells to help smooth skin’s surface and enhance overall skin tone.

Packaging contains 1 piece of disposal product.

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Generally advised as a night time routine, after cleansing. For those who usually use a toner, please first cleanse and apply the toner according to its instructions. Follow through with the instructions below.

Remove the mask from the pouch and then unfold it
Apply the mask carefully, adjusting it around the contours of your face
Allow to sit for 10-20 minutes then remove gently
Massage remaining serum into the skin


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