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* Complete Removal of the Blackhead and Pore Tightening Effect!
* Good Bye Sebum~ Sebum Exterminating Nose Pack
* Don’t squeeze, just apply! Super Simple Nose Pack. Super-simple nose pack that completely removes sebum and blackheads that don’t squeeze out and wash off
* Remove only the sebum without worrying about pore widening!
Without worrying about the pores widening from physical stimulation of squeezing out, the nose pack removes only the sebum softly and safely.
* Relieving effect of aloe & powerful effect of charcoal!
If you worry about stimulation, try the aloe nose pack, and if you want powerful sebum removal effect, try the charcoal nose pack, with a variety of fun choices!
* Safe prescription that minimizes skin stimulation
Harmful substances such as paraben, phenoxyethanol, artificial colors and mineral oils, etc. that cause skin stimulation are minimized.

1. Good Bye Sebum Nose Pore Strips Aloe
Mild-type Soothing Nose Pack contained with aloe extract to immediately soothe the skin

2. Good Bye Sebum Nose Pore Strips Charcoal
The powerful effect of Power Nose Pack contained with 11,700ppm of charcoal extract for a strong sebum adsorptive power

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1. After cleansing, apply sufficient amount of lukewarm water on the bridge of the nose.
2. Remove the transparent film, and apply the smooth surface of the sheet from the center of the nose to both ends. Press firmly as you apply to enable complete contact.
3. After 10~15 minutes, when the sheet is completely dry, remove the sheet slowly from the end.
※ Use of 1~2 times a week is recommended, and do not use 2 consecutive time on the same spot.


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